Track Services - Design, Laying, Maintenance and Inspection

Fundamental to the financial and operational success of any narrow gauge railway is the quality of the track that the locomotive and carriages run on. We have an unrivalled repuation the quality and longevity of our installations - we only use our own experienced teams to ensure that track is laid correctly for the long-term. 

Alan Keef Ltd offers a complete range of track services from design right through to supply and installation.  Our track services include designing track layouts, turnouts and turntables as well as a full manufacturing and track laying service.  

At Alan Keef Ltd we understand the importance of well designed and laid track and how this affects every aspect of your operation from the comfort of passengers, to wear and tear on the locomotives and carriages running on it.  Our track services includes re-alignment and upgrading of existing installations and our expert advice comes as standard whichever service you choose.

We are able to supply rail in BS (British Standard) and other sections of a size suitable for all applications together with sleepers and pointwork. We can also supply on an ex-stock basis fishplates, bolts and dogspikes for existing railways.

Our tracklaying service is not only available for new installations but also for existing railways.  Our track services team can provide support both on a 'one-off' basis as well as on an ongoing annual basis to meet your Health & Safety obligations.